FL [DS] is working to protect Floridians’ data and secure Florida’s digital assets from cyber threats through partnerships with the public and private sector.

Florida Cybersecurity Task Force

House Bill 5301, passed during the 2019 Regular Session of the Florida Legislature, established the Florida Cybersecurity Task Force (task force). The task force, as defined in section 20.03(8), Florida Statutes, operates adjunct to the Department of Management Services to review and assess the state’s cybersecurity infrastructure, governance, and operations. The task force’s charge is to analyze the current state and potential for improvement in the security program of state government and that of the individual agencies and prioritizing the risks posed by identified threats.

With a final report expected in January 2021, the Task Force is currently developing recommendations to leverage technologies, eliminate duplication, and deploy the resources necessary to close shortfalls, mitigate risk, and to ultimately better secure Florida’s digital assets.

Upcoming Meetings

“Keeping Florida’s digital infrastructure secure against cyber criminals requires all of us to be proactive and diligent. I’m honored to chair Florida’s Cybersecurity Task Force as we identify ways to make our state more resilient against this ever-evolving threat.”

- Jeanette Nuñez, Lt. Governor of Florida

FL [DS] Cyber Team

Led by the State Chief Information Security Officer, the FL [DS] Cyber Team is focused on improving Florida’s cyber hygiene through strategic partnerships with a host of state and federal partners. Ensuring the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of Florida’s data requires a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce. FL [DS] provides cybersecurity training opportunities through partnerships with the University of West Florida Center for Cybersecurity and Cyber Florida.

Cybersecurity Resources

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