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OUr Mission

To deliver better government services and transparency to Floridians through design and technology.

Who We Are

The State of Florida created the Florida Digital Service to deliver better government services and transparency to Floridians through design and technology. FL [DS] was established in 2020 and is committed to transforming government.

What We Do

FL [DS] partners with state agencies in leveraging data and technology to transform state government digital services, with the ultimate goal of creating a better experience for Floridians.

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Who We Serve

FL [DS] aims to serve Florida through the development of user-friendly interactions with state government. We work to make changes with the user, not the government, in mind.

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The FL [DS] Story

The Florida Digital Service was established in 2020 under the leadership of Governor Ron DeSantis in full support of his vision to better leverage technology and support a data driven government. In 2019, Governor DeSantis first directed Florida’s Health and Human Services agencies to better collaborate when planning to redesign aging technology systems to ultimately deliver better outcomes for Floridians.

In 2020, the Administration partnered with the Florida Legislature to create the Florida Digital Service to leverage data and deploy technology to better serve Floridians in 2020. FL[DS] is now working to further its mission and make an impact.

Our story is just beginning, and we would love for you to be part of it. Join us as we work to serve Florida, together.

Our Objectives

Recruit Top Tech Talent

As technology continues to evolve, Florida’s digital services must respond and be part of the solution. FL [DS] recruits top talent to serve in a variety of roles to support our mission. We understand many tech-minded individuals may prefer a shorter tour in government rather than a lifelong career and we encourage this. Interested? Apply today.

Cloud-Ready Architecture

FL [DS] will create a cloud ready architecture that supports scalability, acknowledges the unique needs of our partners, and facilitates digital interoperability. The architecture will be established to support emerging innovative technologies and the deployment of API’s to facilitate integration.

Digital Transformation

FL [DS] collaborates with state agencies with similar mission on large projects that aim to improve Floridian’s digital interactions with government. This begins by identifying use cases that promote the use of emerging innovative technologies to transform legacy systems.

Data Interoperability

FL [DS] recently received funding to complete a comprehensive state data catalog and dictionary. As part of these efforts, FL [DS] is establishing open data standards and reviewing data management policies that prevent data sharing to ensure data can be aggregated, sorted, stored, and shared among different state agencies.

Agile Methodologies

FL [DS] works with state agencies to integrate agile methodologies into contracting and procurement strategies that allow project teams to respond to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. By encouraging the use of open source frameworks FL [DS] aims to maximize efficiency without developing new methods from scratch.


FL [DS] is working to protect Floridians’ data and secure Florida’s digital assets from cyber threats through partnerships with the public and private sector.